Mobile and stationary applications

Talking about the future is one thing. Living the future is something else. In order to place new technology on the market which is able to compete, there need to be products that are practical which allow the consumer to experience what the technology is like and see its benefits in practice.

In stationary and in mobile application sectors, hydrogen and fuel cell technology is being put to the test and is already being used in these sectors.

Fuel cell systems are being put to use in various fields of stationary technology. The whole range of stationary applications comprises heating technology from supplying homes to industrial estates that have combined heat and power (CHP) plants, emergency power supply facilities in aviation and sea-faring, computer centres and also hospitals. Fuel cell systems are integrated into projects for storing and converting renewable energy as well as into ideas for energy supply. Hydrogen is used alongside fuel cells which recover energy as fuel in gas engine CHP plants. In the future, hydrogen will take on a particular role in mobility in combination with fuel cell vehicles as well as in public and private transport.

Storing and recovering electricity from hydrogen is becoming more important within wind powered electrolysis.