Herten Hydrogen Centre of Excellence

The Hydrogen Centre of Excellence, situated on the site of the old Ewald colliery in Herten, provides ideal conditions for companies dealing in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Numerous firms, from production to storage, transport and practical application of hydrogen, have been able to settle there, thus benefiting from a synergetic effect. Herten concentrated on so-called 'green hydrogen' in hydrogen production early on - H2 production from renewable energy sources. There are currently two hydrogen production facilities on the site which generate hydrogen using wind powered electrolysis.

When it comes to H2 applications, Herten played an active part in the EU project, HYCHAIN-MINITRANS, and since then has put several hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles into operation. These vehicles can be filled up at a hydrogen filling station, also located at the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence, which is partly fed by the hydrogen generated on site.

The linchpin of the Centre of Excellence is the first communal user centre that was opened in 2009. Numerous companies use the office and workshop space as well as the conference rooms and designated areas. What is more, they receive support with all of their technology-oriented projects such as EU, national and regional sponsorship.

Other advantages of the site have come about through excellent transport connections and the Herten Hydrogen Centre of Excellence's involvement in the hydrogen region, the Ruhr area, which is striving to develop itself into an international centre for hydrogen and fuel cell technology. You can find more information about the site here.